Hi,I've got this weird problem and hope someone could help me with it.I'm trying to setup APM 2.5 on my Firstar v2 2000. It is a large and heavy plane and requires a lot of space to land as it needs to fly fast to stay in the air.I want to setup crow flaps so landing speed is not too high.I have all four wing servos on separate leads, with rc5 and rc8 outputs configured as flaperons (flap part lifts up) and actual flaps on rc6 and rc7.I have all rc outputs limits set to 988 and 2012 respectively and trim at 1500.All movements go in correct directions if I apply ailerons, or flaps, or both, or tilt the plane. What confuses me is that flaperon throws are very small, be it flap part or aileron part. If I switch rc5 and rc8 to plain ailerons in mission planner, the throws are much, much larger. Flaps also move quite a lot. It seems this flaperon setting limits the movements.I afraid to fly with this to be honest, as it looks like I won't have much control over turns.Can someone please tell me if that is a normal behaviour or if there are any settings I'm missing?I forgot, rc1 limits are the same, 988 to 2012 with trim at 1500, same as TX settings.

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  • Ok, nevermind. MIXING_GAIN parameter apparently works for not only elevon mixing, but flaperon as well.

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