flying continuos circuits until battery voltage low


i am looking to have my fx-61 fly a waypoint circuit continuously until the battery voltage drops to a certain value which then executes a RTL/RTH but actually follows like a waypoint path to the RTL/RTH to do a landing.

is this possible ? has anyone done something like this ? if so how ?

any help appreciated

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  • I see. I've been waiting for the issue of Home being set at GPS lock to be resolved. There have been proposals in the past to make "sticky" home points but the it got very quiet. When the Rally concept came out, I didn't recognize it as a solution to the overhead Home issue.
    I'll look closer into this.
    Thank you.
  • The question involved a fully autonomous flight. Right now Rally Points results in an indefinite loiter requiring intervention to land.
    I don't really understand the usefulness of Rally Points.
  • I think future firmware will allow this with the pixhawk utilizing Rally points and several contingency flight plans stored on the SD card.
    Can't be dine now with out some intervention from the ground station.
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