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I have a Pixhawk with the latest MP and I'm sure latest firmware (v3.2). I'm connected through the USB albeit the external USB extension. When I go into terminal, I see a lot of noise. What could be the issue? See attached picture.  Thanks!3691164962?profile=original


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  • Developer

    Belay that.  Sorry, I misread.

    The CLI is still available for Copter on Pixhawk but is currently removed on Plane for both APM and Pixhawk.  We are thinking about adding some functions back for Pixhawk in a future release.

  • Developer

    As others have pointed out, what you are seeing is MAVlink data steaming  from the vehicle.  You only have 20 seconds after power up to enter the CLI before the MAVlink data starts.  The CLI is still available on the Pixhawk but not the APM.  If you want to use the CLI on your Pixhawk you need to connect within 20 seconds of powering the board.

  • Developer
    All looks good, you are seeing MavLink data. What are you wanting to see? For all the old CLI functions, they are now run over MavLink, lookup for more info
    • 3D Robotics
      The CLI (terminal) is no longer supported in the latest code. All of its functions are now available in standard MAVLINK commands in the regular MP screens. And on older boards (APM), there is no longer memory available for the CLI.
  • Check the baud rate setting for that communication port and make sure it matches that listed in MP.

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