launch heavy fpv plane

I have put together a long range capable finwing penguin with 2 x 5000 mah batteries + ezuhf video equipment. I have to get a friend to hand launch it but its quite difficult to get right. I would say it takes 3 attempts to get it launched. Given that i dont want to reduce the battery capacity or weight is there a reliable and easy way to launch? 

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  • Also what motor are you using?  I use an NTM 3536 910kV with 4S battery and 10X6 prop for the weightlifter.  I have 11" props to use however I have not used them yet.  I have a custom motor mount for this plane that allows greater prop diameter.  The weightlifter has a wire undercarriage and large wheels to take off from uneven ground.

    For the other stock one I have I use a NTM 3536 1400kV with 3S or 4S batteries and a 9X6 prop.

    You are not using the prop that came with the plane are you?

    • I am using the stock upgraded motor and prop that come with the finwing

  • This launcher works well:

  • You could try a short bungee.  Put a towhook in the wood between the wheels and use about 20m of elastic tube stretched back about 20 paces.

    If you have an APM in it try the combination of bungee and auto take off.  The APM does a really good job of take off if you get the parameters right.

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