Level Flight Tuning

Hi guys,

I have a question on tuning for level flight in auto mode. When the plane throttles back due to increased headwind during a leg, the plane maintains a steady left bank of about 3-5 degrees. When it needs more throttle to maintain the target airspeed, the plane banks to the right. If it needs a whole lot of throttle, it will maintain 5 degree right bank all throughout the leg. It appears to me that it maintain a particular bank angle depending on the throttle setting. I know motor torque is playing a factor on this. Is this what the tuning page refers to as the "steady offset"? I'm not so well versed in the control theory terms.



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    What plane? Thrust lines can also affect attitude. 

  • In your PID tuning, increase the I component of your roll/aileron channel. I handles errors that are consistently offset, like what you have here.
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