Missing Radio 4?

Hello DIYD Masters!

I'm setting up a new Pixhawk, and when I go to calibrate the radio, channel 4 is missing. I'm using mission planner 1.3.1. Channel 4 servo also doesn't respond as if it isn't connected, however when I connect the servo directly to the receiver, it behaves normally. Strange! Did I miss something in a recent update? I've attached a screen shot of what I'm seeing.

Thank you for any tips you can provide!


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  • is ur mode switch set to 'manual' and armed

  • Have you checked the servo cable between the receiver and the Pix? That one could be faulty.

    /Per, Sweden
  • 100KM
    Wouldn't channel 4 be yaw (under pitch bar)? I assume you're setting up a wing so yaw channel may be disabled. Maybe I'm missing what you're missing. I haven't had my coffee.
    • I think you're right. Setting up a split elevon and was too lazy to move channels around. : ) I could have sworn there used to be a channel 4 up there! I'll just move it and stop being lazy.

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