Our exclusive RF-70 fixed wing is about to land soon... stay tuned. It's the only 2.0 density foam plane I know of and it is tough as nails. Email me for details: phil@roboflight.com  and visit us at Facebook   @roboflight      We also process and store imagery on our private servers. "Who is RoboFlight?" 







• Uniquely constructed of 2.0 density EPP foam for extreme durability 

• Wing and fuselage are covered in light weight revolutionary rubberized paint in place of heavy, tedious to apply laminate film
• Up to 4 configurable storage payload compartments 
• Easily replaceable verticals fins that also serve as landing skids for additional fuselage protection
• Reinforced leading edges on wings for added protection
• Durable balsa elevons for responsive flight control
• Single servo cable plug-in for connecting wings to fuselage
• Unmanned and autonomous flight as well as “Fly By Wire” mode
• Telemetry system, GPS, autopilot and mission planning software included for easy mapping 
• 600-750 average mapped acres per hour on a single battery (@ 400’ AGL)
• 2-4 pound average sensor payload with up to 60 minutes battery endurance (capable of longer duration with additional battery)
• Flight tested up to 30 mph winds (possibly higher)
• Aircraft dry weight of 6 pounds
• 70” Wingspan
• Breaks down to three components for easy transport (two wings, fuselage)
• Features “loop and hook” wing connectors for easy wing assembly 


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  • Is it ZIII XL? Zephyr`s III bigger brother. Exactly the same. Just bigger.

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