Plane can't flow the waypoint path

Hi all ,

I am happy that my plane start to work in auto mode , but still facing some problems . 

I tested my plane with auto mode and it seem to works good , with control altitude and throttle while using airspeed ,

I set 5 waypoint with 100m distance from home , and alt 100 - 150m

as showed below 


but the plane path was totally different which I couldn't understand , It goes like the pic below from log file ,


What is the problem ?

Is it because the waypoint is near to each other ?

what is the meaning of WP Radius ? ( it's 10 as default )

Hope I can found useful information ,,

Regards, .

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  • Log File

    this is the log file hope you can figure out the problem ,

    regards ,

    Shared with Dropbox
    • One thing that sticks out to me is your LIM_ROLL_CD, its set to 17 degrees where they recommend 50.

      Again, have you followed the directions here? or are you just looking to be spoon fed what to do without any troubleshooting of your own?

    • James ,

      I followed the instructions , but when I increase the roll limit the plane goes to stall !! .

      I will test tomorrow and post the log with changing roll limit to 50 as you mention   .

    • That sounds like information you should be including in your initial request for help!  No wonder your plane is taking long sweeping turns and missing WPs.  It likely had to circle around like that so it could take a second run at a missed waypoint.

      Your airframe is either going too slow, or you have an incredibly unstable airframe.  Get your roll limits to a reasonable bank, and it will navigate the waypoints much better.  What is WP_radius set to?

      Increase your roll limit, and then increase your speed so that you can reach that roll limit without stalling.  I'd incrementally increase these while your plane it flying a loop over your head.

    • Hi James Downing,

      I did change roll limit and test flight with auto mode , and it works good , but it play around the path

      just like the pic


      the red point is my way point

      the last is loiter ,

      the waypoint path from 1 to 2 to 3  moving around the path , Why ?

      Dose the loiter Ok or It need to be more sharper ??

      Thanks a lot , really I appreciate your helping ..

      best regards.

    • Try increasing NAVL1_PERIOD by 1 or 2.

      Once you have completed the tuning of NAVL1_PERIOD you can add 1 more to NAVL1_PERIOD and then increase NAVL1_DAMPING in increments of 0.05 to get the response you want.

    • Good I will do that in next weekend ,

      I want to ask ,

      My raddar mix is set to 0 , Dose that effect ?

    • I assume you are talking about the RUDDER_MIX parameter?

      It has to do with creating a "coordinated turn", where APM applies a certain percentage of rudder automatically when you apply roll input.

    • Hi men ,

      I am still waiting for any one helping me in figure out the problem.

  • Developer

    we'd need a log file to see why it is navigating badly

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