Question : Using 1 Data Link for many Data Transfer ?

Hi all ,

I am using telemetry 9xtend900 mhz to send and receive pixhawk data , and I am using Video throw video transmitter .

now I have information to send such as :

Sensor data

Camera control data

Gimbal control

that data doesn't work with Pixhawk So I need to send it alone maybe another 9xtend telemetry

but this is not what I want ,

I read about some systems , any they can merge all data packages in the plane ( flight data , Sensors , camera video and control ... etc )  and send it as one package with one transmitter to the GCS , In GCS they distribute each data to it's device for display data and same thing for Send command data . 

Any idea about that ? has any one try to do it ?

Dose there any devices can do this function ?

any information would help ..

Regards ,


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