Questions About 3DR APM:Plane Kit

I've been flying a home-built quadcopter for a little while now and am looking to get into aerial mapping with a fixed-wing.  I really like the idea of the APM:Plane platform from 3DRobotics, but have a few questions that are holding me off from ordering this setup.

  1. Will the ARF Fixed-Wing package be updated to use the Pixhawk when that unit sees its formal release (hopefully) soon?  Since the APM is at end-of-life, I'm thinking it would be wise for my next platform to be Pixhawk-based from the get-go.
  2. What is the difference between the $250 OSD/FPV add-on on the APM:Plane product page, and the $190 3DR Video/OSD System Kit?  The descriptions seem to match, and the APM:Plane product page even links to the $190 system to show what is included.  There must be something going on here to justify why the kit costs an extra $60 when purchased with the plane, right?


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