Questions on Setting Up Pixhawk in a Flying Wing

Hi - first time poster here and I'm looking for a little help on my first setup. I am an experienced RC flyer (mostly fixed wing) but first time I'm playing with Pixhawk.

I'm setting up an X5 flying wing (for photogrammetry/surveying). Radio gear is Futaba 14SG with R6303 SBUS Rx. I've done some "normal" flight without a flight controller to get the bird flying right and I'm now ready to install Pixhawk (I've got Mission Planner on my PC). My questions are:

1. Futaba requires a flying wing to use channels 1 and 6 for the elevons and I have assigned those channels and specified the model as a flying wing in the Tx setup. Is this OK for the Pixhawk, or will Pixhawk expect some other channel assignment? Presumably I also need to check the "Elevon" option in the radio calibration step in Mission Planner?


2. On my Tx I have programmed differential in the elevons to prevent adverse yaw (ie. more up than down). I'm curious to know whether the flight controller will also use differential when it is in control?


3. I have gone through the initial setup using Mission Planner (wizard). Can I now go back to specific steps to change some settings or do I have to go through all steps again from the beginning? I don't think I saw a way of going back to specific steps when I looked.

Many thanks!


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  • Hi Jack,

    Just linked my receiver R7003SB by Fasst14 SBUS2 and create new model in T14SG as 2AIL and  Winglet for Rudder

    But cannot assign servos correctly. Would you mind tell me which receiver ports/servos did you adressed on your receiver?

    ESC => SBUS receiver Port?

    AiL => Port 1 & 2?

    Thank you in advance for your understanding



    • i mean with a Y cable for Ail 1 and 2

    • Hi Claude

      The Pixhawk does all your elevon mixing. When you set up the model in Futaba Tx, just use normal aeroplane settings for Model Type:

      Type: Airplane

      Wing: Normal (1 Ail)

      Tail: Normal

      For SBUS receiver there is only 1 wire to the Pixhawk and it goes to "RC In" port on the Pixhawk. You will see there is SBUS port on Pixhawk next to "RC In". Do not use the SBUS port on Pixhawk, it must go to "RC In" (this confuses a lot of people!).

      Then put elevon servos onto Main Out port 1 and 2. ESC goes onto port 3 of Main Out. You then need to configure the elevons as per this link:

      There are 2 methods for elevon, you can use the newer method (Elevon Output). Just follow the steps and all should be OK. Mine is up and flying nicely :-)

      Good luck!


    • Hi, so sorry for my bad english. I have a fy680.. I had a naza v2 but I changed pixhawk. I hava a futaba 14sg with dragonlink uhf system. I have a problem. I have opto esc ant Attopilot 180A pm, 6s 10000mah LIPO.
      1-I don't know How to wiring pixhawk to opto esc. Cut red or not cut
      2- I dont know 14sg model type (multi, heli,airplane ...) and other functions
      Thanks again..

    • Hi, it's my first post on DIYD so hello All.

      I have a little problem. I'm trying to set up ELEVON Output with my receiver switched to SBUS and channel Radio 2 out is 1500us in center position when all other channel are 1515us.

      If I switch RX to PPM then all radio in channels are 1500us and no problem, but I need to use SBUS.

      Has anyone similar problem?

      Is it code problem or I do something wrong?

  • Admin


    Try here Link

    Since you are using a Pixhawk, it will do the controlling of the Elevons and you do not need to set up the Futaba transmitter to do so.

    When in doubt please read the ArduPlane Wiki Link



    • Thanks Thomas - not sure how I missed that. I'll take a bit more time out to read through the full Wiki!

    • Admin


      I just recently built a RMRC Mako flying wing and followed those Elevon setup instructions to get the Pixhawk to control the Elevons correctly both in Manual and FBWA modes.



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