UAV X-Plane models for SITL use

With the recent adding of X-Plane as simulation backend in the SITL functionalities of ArduPilot (, I felt useful to design some UAV models.

Here are two different models with their Mission Planner parameters joined.

The first one is a plane UAV, based on the FX-61 Phantom.
As it is hand-launched it should be started in "final approach" in x-plane but then it can well be used with mission planner or manually. I use a RC controller and it really feel real.


The second one is a 3m span tactical drone, based on the Penguin (from uavfactory).
Due to its glider capacities it tends to oscillate in pitch after rapid command but it stabilizes itself with time.
I have had a test mission path with an example of take-off and landing on runway (SUAA airport).


Feel free to comment or propose improvement on the models. 



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  • Please Can you help me ?

    I was working like two weeks to get SITL going right using Xplane and MP but Always I get the message below asking for Mavlink Heartbeat package .

    Any help means a lot please 


  • Developer

    Time to get X-Plane and SITL undusted for some fun :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi !
    Sorry for the delay, didn't have internet this week-end.

    For the Penguin, it is also a elevon design thus its normal that the elevator moves the "ailerons". The surface control you can see at the middle are flaps.
    About throttle, did you start the motor using the starter ? (control+1 in x-plane key, you have to input for about 1-2s with a small amount of throttle, like a real starter).

    For the FX-61, I just found that X-Plane has a problem with elevon animation, the roll motion (aileron-like movement) is taken into account for the fly model but it doesn't animate. I will investigate that, but in the meantime the drone is perfectly flyable.
    About throttle I didn't understand your problem. Are you using direct control with X-Plane or SITL ? And if in X-Plane, key control or a joystick ?

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Developer

    Thanks! Great to see some new models.

    I've just tried the Penguin, and the control surfaces don't seem right. Elevator moves the ailerons and the throttle doesn't work. Rudder input works fine.

    On the FX61 the elevator input does control elevons correctly, but not roll input. Throttle input works, but only at very low throttle.

    I'm using X-Plane 10.45 if it matters

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