What differents in AirSpeed Sensor ?

Hi All ,

I have tested my plane with one Airspeed sensor MPXV7002DP Also wrote on it "CY" and "K1419"

and It works fine in Auto mode and every thing is ok .


know I use another Airspeed MPXV7002DP

but wrote on it "CV" and "K1419" the thirs one is "DC"

and In the internet I found many types ,

All of them not working in Auto mode !!



What dose that mean "CY","CV","DC"  ?

How I test the AirSpeed sensor in ground ? and ensure it will work fine in the air ?

What is the recommendation tips in using AirSpeed ?

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  • Make sure the sensor is really working when you connect it to your flight controller (try blowing into the pitot tube, you will see the changes in value of Air sped reading in mission planner, usually above 15m/s). Calibrate the air speed sensor properly. Then you can use it on cruise, fbwB, RTL, auto takeoff and auto land.
  • This is analog air speed sensor. I tried using that, but I find the calibration very erratic. So I replaced mine with digital air speed sensor (white instead of black differential air pressure sensor), it's more expensive but more reliable


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