Why two Identical Time Stamps w/ Different Data?

Look at this sample from one of my logs...

ATT: -22, 270, 33377

GPS: 55511500, 1, 13, 41.6834260, -111.8979900, 0.0000, 1541.7900, 1527.8500, 26.5400, 333.5600

ATT: -73, 280, 33393

GPS: 55511500, 1, 13, 41.6834260, -111.8979900, 0.0000, 1541.8900, 1527.8500, 26.5400, 333.5600


Sometimes values in the GPS lines also conflict.


What gives?  Why two matching time stamps?  How could there be such different values at the same time stamp?  Which stamp is correct?

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  • Developer

    It just means that a gps message was lost and the previous data was reused.  If you'll notice all the fields are identical except the 7th, which comes in part from the baro sensor.


    Loss of gps messages happens every now and then...

  • Gps logging is done 10 times per second, timestamp is seconds past midnight UTC
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