I am new to Ardupilot but using Arducopter for last few months.

I am interested in making a plane like Mugin but in the meanwhile I want to buy something like what

this website www.event38.com have for GIS. Problem is that they have no actual verifiable address and contact no and in the first glance it looks like a fly by night operation. These are harsh words but this is what the first impression one would get if want to spend $2000 and you have no idea where this money is going.


would like to have some inputs if some one have about this company and worthiness of the planes.

They claim 16 Kms range for telemetry but it looks difficult for the size of plane where payload is limited and weight of antenna and amp and current would make it extremely difficult to fly.






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  • I don't think you need to worry. If you look at the specs of what they are selling it makes sense.  I found them online after building a very similar set up through my own research and looking around for similar thinkers. I'm pretty sure that the RFD900 radios they use are rated up to 20km of range.

    I don't understand your reference to the difficulty in weight.

    You can see an early  version of my very much amateur drone using all similar gear as event38 but Canon SX260 map camera and other mods here:


    It is easily built for under $2000 and works great. 

    For mapping, I would recommend the 2013 Version with 1900mm wings.

  • Hi Bhanu!

    Jeff Taylor is founder of Event38.com, which arises from the 3DR, where he was part of the team of engineers of few products, as the Ardupilot.
    I've bought things from company and I can guarantee that this is serious business and reliable.

    Currently, Jeff lives in Santiago, Chile, where he was riding a startup company, a project of the Chilean government to bring technology companies, see here.

    In fact, in two or three weeks I will be meet him at Chile.

    Best regards!

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