3D sonar mapping

Hey guys, I'm looking to start on my second apm project of a using the apm to create 3D photo realistic sonar imaging, not just general 3d topography of structures. I know a bit about the data logging for the pseudo 3d image mapping for aerial photography and the programs used, but I have no base line knowledge of anybody doing this with more advanced sonar equipment like the Hummingbird side imaging units.  Any help getting started on gathering research material would be much appreciated.

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      Hi Thomas, I believe I accidentally linked the Lowrance model without GPS. The Elite-4 HDI (no X) has a built in GPS antenna. http://www.amazon.com/Lowrance-Elite-4-Chartplotter-Fishfinder-Tran...

      I like the wireless idea, could Xbee’s be utilized for that?

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      The 4X is about $100 more than the 4HDI?

      I am presently using Xbee 900 Pro transceivers for transmitting my Intelliducer/GPS data from my onboard Adafruit data logger to my laptop shore station. The baud rate is 4800 for the Intelliducer and I have the Xbees transmitting at 57,600 baud. The Lowrance is probably similar.

    • Hi Thomas, it's the other way around, the 4 HDI that has GPS is more expensive than the 4X HDI that does not have GPS. I hope I have not confused the heck out of everyone, sorry! 

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      Okay, got it now:-).

      Amazon is selling the 4 HDI for almost $310 while the list price (Lowrance) of the 4HDI with the 83/200 455/800 transducer is $299. Interesting.

      The only problem I see here is the sonar transducer data comes into the display on the NMEA 0183 cable while the GPS input is in the display. So you might have a problem transmitting the total data mix by Xbee unless there is an Aux output on the display.

      Also, the conventional and down scan sonar data appear to come from two different sonar transducers.



    • I can see where you guys are going with this, but the 4X HDI only has the down scaning, which would help converting a 2d  image into a 3d image with the side scan, but alone, I don't think, without custom software to render that, it won't work only using down imaging. 

  • I have found this page, http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show?id=705844%3ABlogPost%3A1639..., but I'm looking to create a more highdef, smaller region images.

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