ASV Hydrographic project

Dear All, My name is Alfonso and two weeks ago i started my project to catamaran boat finalizated to hydrographic survey (first step only Single beam echo sounder and RTK Gps+datalogger) in lake and near shore. My configuration have only two motors and no rudder.

My Hardaware consist in:

1. Catamaran (1.60*1.0m )

2.N.2 Trusther T200

3.N.2 ESC Bluerobotics Basic

4. Pixhawk PX4

5. radio telemetry

6. N.1 Power Module (buy to bluerobotics)

7. Taranis X9DPlus + receiver XR8

8. Radiolink Gps+compass

9. N.2 Battery 4S 

In  first time i assembly all components and installed Mission Planner with firmaware Rover, and i have these results:

Radio telemetry: Ok

GPS+Compass: Ok

Radio controller binding: Ok

Pixhawk warmup: I think OK the led is Fixed in green color and possibility to arm/disarm

I connected the ESC in pin 1 (rudder) and 3 (Throthole) and follow calibration to radio controller, but no have response to  motors. When connect the battery the motor generate the sounding (at the moment no have buzer installed on the pixhawk) same para-para-pa for each motor, but no runs. 

I presume to lost one or more setting, but no have solution at the moment. Al comments and suggestion is welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

Attached some pictures to my project



I have connceted the ESC 




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