Got a message the my two T100 was on the way, so I was wondering if someone had used them for a build yet. 

Didn't find a thread about it, but someone must have got them and hopefully used them? What kind of hull have you build (or planed?)


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  • Carl,  I have two of them with about 30 hours of use.  No major problems yet.  The boat can be seen in my discussion on the Arduboat user group.


    David R. Boulanger

    • WoW. That's a nice build. 

      No Major Problems? What about minor?

    • Carl,  Few minor problems that have been my fault.  Biggest lesson learned so far is:

      Exposed servo extension wire + a drop or two of salt water + 1 hour = a trip in a kayak to rescue the boat.

      The thrusters have developed a bit of play on the motor shaft but amp draw and performance has not changed.


      David R. Boulanger

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    Right here Link



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