two motor with different speed.

hi everyone.

    i build a boat with two bushed motor and brushed ESC( V 2.4.9 firmware was used), when i begin to  push the throttle, one motor work(1),other do not work(3). when the throttle on 1/3 position, two motor both work.

    has anyone encountered this problem.

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  • Thanks David, I've never used ArduRover, soon I hope. I have flown MegaPirate, APM 2.6 and now a Pixhawk. I am looking forward to ArduRover/Boat.



  • I do not have a controller on my boat yet so I am not sure if this applies.

    I am running 2 motors and speed controllers and set up differential steering by mixing channels on the TX . In order for the throttle to be balanced between the two motors and have them work together evenly it was necessary to reset the endpoints and the sub trims of the channels on the Tx especially at low throttle. They would not start at the same time and ran at slightly different rpms.

    Good Luck


    • Jerry,  with a APM or Pixhawk there will be no need for mixing on your tx.  The firmware takes care of this.  ESC's may have to be calibrated maybe


      David R. Boulanger

  • i build arduboat with kayak and two bushed motor,fine adjustment of RC was used to synchronize two motor. the boat was tested yesterday. Because the wiring is too hot, the boat traveled with low speed(1m/s). I will improve the boat in the next few days.


    • Great

      but you really don't need two brushed motors since your kayak is manned boat,

      so you can use the same single motor to control the course.

      Placing one motor with rotor in the center can save your boat.

    • @Darius Jack

      My ultimate goal is to build a inflatable catamaran with two motors. First of all, i test the performance of pixhawk  with kayak(save money). now i am satisfied with pixhawk. next step, i will build my inflatable catamaran  like MiniCat 310( .

    • Inflatable boat is slow and heavy to control remotely.

      Ok for experiments with boat drone but not safe for manned cruises.

  • Developer

    Do you have 2 brushed ESCs or just one?  If you plug in just one of the motors does it work correctly?

    Thanks, Grant.

    • Sounds like a ESC calibration problem.  Do you have a log to post?  Be curious to see what the output on 1 and 3 is for that first third of throttle stick movement.


      David R. Boulanger

    • Admin

      Hi David,

      If he is employing skid steering and it is a Pixhawk, the skid steering outputs are usually on 1 and 2, not 1 and three.

      Also, is he using the elevator joystick for speed control or the throttle which I believe will not work correctly with skid steering.



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