by J. Saranpagani 

Taylor and Francis Group

An encyclopedia like list of all known NN applications to control systems all the way from 1940s to now with MATLAB and some C code. 

All the math explicated with explicit calculations so the coding can be more educated rather than just copying. I will type up all the equations and algorithms, for people who do not have the book.

The control systems are from actual machinery used in different industries and all the relevant research papers listed. 

My hope is to code the known methods in C/C++ and Mathematica (for visualization and tutorials). The tutorials will be in CDF format and animation can be run on a free player. 

I will port the code into Beaglebone and is possible into Arduino boards. I am coding on IMAC + XCODE as the native platform. 

I would also publish the error analysis and stats for each method as time goes by. 

My thoughts are to use the GNU PUBLIC LICENSE 3.0 but please let me know what other licensing is appropirate 

If any suggestion please write to me or email me directly: 


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  • I read the code for several NN packages out there on the net. 

    The problem is the generality of the code:

    1. To make NN work for an actual system e.g. ArduCopter there are tons of constants and training parameters need to be identified. 

    2. Error Analysis: The code I have seen have no mechanism for understanding the error of the output

    3. We need SPECIALIZED NN libraries for a particular aircraft e.g. arducopter, of course some part of the code is general but I doubt any off-the-shelf code would do the job. 

    4. I can strip the useful code from the competent developers and reuse them for our purpose, but the general packages seem to be of limited use


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