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Ideas for simulation input to NN

I got this generous input from one of the XFOIL's usergroup. These ideas give a better simulation for the copter than the one's I have hacked already since the suggested tools are more mature and worked on by the experts in the field. 

Amazing thing I

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Twin Rotor Helicopter

Is it possible to configure APM for use with a twin rotor helicopter?

A friend of mine was wondering if it could be used with a Chinook type helicopter.

He thought that maybe it would take two APM boards, in communication with each other, to perform co

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NN accuracy for quad copter


Single layer of 64 neurons with 8 input and outputs and learning rate set to 0.1. 

Training cases created for vertical take off. The Universal Approximate was constructed for smooth function:

CONTROL: Vn+1 --> Vn 

V is {motor1, motor2, motor3, mot

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Slow User Trainer


As a beginner Arducopter user, I think an NN application to take off and land Arducopter semi-manullly is great. 

In other words a super slow take off indoors or outdoors can allow the new user to learn the controls at an RC and learn the caveats

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Quad Copter simulation data

Does anyone has Quad Copter simulation data for a simple vertical take off?

If possible could I have an ASCII dump?

Could we have one with a bit of wind?

I would like to use  this data for off-line training for a NN control to test.


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