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    Here a video of a test flight of the ArduCopter v2.5 firmware (offical GIT version Revision:1ed94f0064f5) done with a F450 DJI Flame Wheel quadcopter and the ArduPilot Mega v2 board.

    There was a medium wind of 21 Km/h blowing and gusting from the left. You will see that the Loiter mode works well and that the quadcopter is able to fight itself against the strong gusts. In some others tests flights, I have also tested the RTL, super simple mode and off course the stabilize mode without any problem.

    Regards, Jean-Louis




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    Today, I have done a lot of tests flights with the firmware ArduCopter v2.4.2 official GIT (version released on March 11,2012).

    Frame: Quadcopter X F450 DJI Flame Wheel with ArduPilot Mega v2.0

    LOITER mode (GPS position hold) tested with a 13 Km/h wind blowing from the right and gusting 20 km/h.

     - In spite of the wind blowing from the right and the gusting conditions, the quadcopter is able to maintain its GPS position,

    - There is no drift observed on roll, pitch, yaw axis after a full flight of about 10 minutes (Thanks to Tridge...),

    - The altitude hold and the throttle management is now correct and the quadcopter is able to maintain its baro altitude without any bumps (Thanks to Jason...)

    - I have also tested fast speed translations and the angle of pitch is maintained and remains stable.

    The tested version is an original version currently on the official GIT and not a modified version.

    I really enjoy to fly with this version. Below my tested PID param file used with my F450 quadcopter

    Regards, Jean-Louis


  • Dear Jean-Louis

    I would like sometime soon to do the same thing but from an inclined surface i.e. the copter is not leveled. 


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    Here a HIL simulation of the ArduCopter v2.4.1xp2 (+DCM fix) on AeroSIM-RC with a quadcopter:
    - Manual flight in STABILIZE mode,
    - LOITER (GPS position Hold),
    - AUTO mode, full autonomous navigation under flight plan,
    - Automatic LANDING

    You will find a full tutorial for conducting the same test flight in HIL mode HERE,

    I have already tested successfully this firmware in real flight on my F450 Flame Wheel.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

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    Hello to All,

    Here a video of a full test flight (>5 min) of the firmware ArduCopter v2.4.1xp2 with the new DCM fix with the Quadcopter F450 Flame Wheel.

    The purpose of this long test flight is to check if there is a drift of the roll/pitch neutral and if the GPS position is still locked after a 10 minutes of full autonomous flight in LOITER mode.

    Wind 8 Km/h, gusting 11 Km/h.

    The GPS position hold (LOITER mode) is accurate and there is NO DRIFT while the time passing. This has been tested on 10 minutes flights.

    The full tested version of the firmware v2.4.1xp2+DCM fix that I have tested in this video, with the PIDs parameters that I have used with my F450 Flame Wheel ,can be downloaded HERE

    Regards, Jean-Louis

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    Here a new video of a LOITER test flight in windy conditions (13 Km/h from S-W) with the beta Arducopter v2.4.2b firmware (with the latest Jason's fix) currently under test in the AC dev Team. There was a small drift due to the wind because I have set a too much low Integral on the Loiter. The quadcopter was really reactive Vs the gusts and very stable as you will notice in the video.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

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    Here a video of a test flight of the latest firmware ArduCopter v2.4.2 (beta) with the new fix on DCM and the magnetometer setup. This v2.4.2xp2 (beta version) tested in flight also include the AUTO-LAND and Helicopter type H1 (HIL) mod XP2 (JLN).

    Wind: 15 Km/h from N-W

    The LOITER (baro only) is very stable in spite of the wind and there is no drift in the yaw. The flight is very stable.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • hi jean-louis,

    i am not a fan of what is happening with the control laws on acm.

    try to set the stab_d term to zero.

    finally i hope to fly this weekend.

    best robert

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