BeagleBone: Neural Network Control provides a new computing environment for Neural Network Control applications of all sorts. 

Essentially the environment is comprised of two components:

1. Neural Network adaptive learning, currently back-propagation

2. Petri Nets with BSD sockets to orchestrate asynchronous multi-tasking and IO across the networks 

For examples see: 

The software is optimized using the vectorization flags of the gcc compiler running on BeagleBone board, no special source code manipulations or directives used. Therefore 1000 training for 10x64x10 Neural Network is accomplished in 1 second or less. 30x64x30 networks run in real-time on BeagleBone with minimal memory footprint.

Looking for creative talent interested to apply the code for Arducopter/plane or similar proposals to build novel guidance and maneuver applications. 

The code is provided under the Apache 2.0 dual license. 


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  • i stuggled a bit to load my favourite linaro system.

    for some reasons i also need iced-tea.

    beagle support seems not to be a good thing lately when looking at the linaro.


  • ok,

    my beaglebone is here.

    just need some time to get familiar with this device.

    first step will be filter for the gps - easier to start with :-)

    i know what the result should be ;-)

This reply was deleted.