Hi all, first post, sorry for if the questions are duplicated and have got answered before some how... if you can point me to the links it will be very helpful!

1) It seems I can not control the rudder servo at all... when I manually move the heli the servo does move to counter-control the direction change, but applying rudder control from tx will only able to drive the tail servo a tiny tiny move... What is wrong?

2) I see there are 2 buttons and 1 switch on the IMU, not sure where can I find a manual/spec about their purpose and usage?

3) The same goes to those lights... I am more interested to find out when it is armed... I tried to push rudder to right most in lowest throttle for a couple of seconds but did not seems to see any change. The stablization seems working when I move the heli manually regardless arming or not.

Thanks in advanced for help from you guys. Appreciate it.

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  • Gday, first post also and having the exact same problem.Had to remove rudder control from apm and re install gyro.Seem to have stabilize workinng ok, loiter is the next mission but yeah any help with this problem will get the rudder reinstated and i can move forward with compass loiter etc. ty in advance also.


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