We are developing a 600 size coaxial heli and have a need for the coaxial collective and differential yaw mixing routine.. We currently using an external mixer to handle the mix but really need it to be a native function in the autopilot. Our Coax has CCPM swash, and is currently operating flybarless. The plan is that the current autopilot will be replaced with the Arduino Mega 2560, but it won't work without the coaxial mix.


The mixing routine should be the same as in a delta wing aircraft Elevon mix. Substitute the Collective servo for the elevator and subtitute the Rudder for the alieron servo.


Really hoping someone could help out with creating this mix funtion. We pretty much at a standstill now till this mix is written.




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  • I would also be very interested to see this as I am building a 450 tandem rotor.  I was planning on doing external mixing but would much rather it be done in the APM.  Also looking at getting the PhoneDrone board when it comes out and seeing what options that opens up.  If you have any photos, I would like very much to see them!  I will post photos of my build once I get mine built.

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