I am new to this forum, you'll notice this is my first post. So I will do some basic introductions and invite you all to please feel welcome to relay any information or point to view that you value, and I will do my best to give proper consideration to all comments posted.

Please feel free to shoot me a PM on any related subject. I am looking for mentor relationships to help me progress in my pursuit of knowledge. 

My name is Jeff and I'm 37 years old, have a large family and have been married for 18 years this February. I am a full time auto mechanic at a local repair shop. I design engines and mechanical items in my spare time along with some hobby related fun. I'm a Christian, but I don't imagine that should come up much here :-)

My goal is to learn how to write and understand code for microprocessors like the Atmega168 and STM-32 series, as well as the hardware interaction with these processors.  I have decided to use the platform of a collective pitch single rotor flybarless Align Trex 600 size heli that both my wife and myself desire to be capable of piloting (we are going to follow the 10 day course from rchelicopterfun.com).

I researched the vast majority of stabilization platforms and decided to invest in the AdruCopter. I am however going to be using the 3GX unit to fly with until my skills have developed sufficiently, imagine trying to learn to fly and tune a system at the same time. I am just not that capable.

I am on track to purchase the heli in the next week and am fairly set on the Align Trex 600EFL Pro Super Combo (~$900). I have enough experience with HK products to insist on the genuine article. The kit comes with decent digital servo's, the 3GX system, brushless 12S out-runner, and an Ice2 HV controller (of which I own 1, and all my RC's run Castle ESC's). I will furnish it with Turnigy lipo's and only have a FlySky T6-A 2.4ghz -partially programmable- 6ch Tx/Rx combo until the 9x becomes available again, or I can swing the $400 for a Futaba Sbus system.

I will likely get on the AdruCopter pre-order list after my next pay period if the funds haven't been eaten up by some family matter or a heli training accident...

So the question at hand is this, where to begin learning about the code that facilitates the AdruCopter?

I am about half way through "The beginners guide to C programming" and have just scratched the surface of the STM-32 manual. I want to comprehend what I am seeing in the code files mentioned in this site. I am a quick learner and will commit some funds to reading material if need be. Any recommendations are welcome, and if you are a keen teacher I sure would enjoy having a mentor on this quest :-)


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  • A quick update, I have recieved my Flysky TH9X Tx/Rx set yesterday and should recieve my digital pitch gauge, swash plate leveler, and 600EFL in the next few days. Though I don't have any tracking info on the heli yet :-( but it is supposed to arrive before the 6th.

    I am going to start saving now for a pile of 6S lipo's and of course an Adrucopter.

    I have read about 1/3rd of the big traditional copter thread and I'll likely post there after I've read through it. I find one has less questions having read the previous discussion before asking.
  • Hi Jeff, I will be following your posts as I am interested in some of the same topics as you are as well as eventually flying a larger heli.  Right now I am starting with a small quad copter with a 150 gram camera, but later I'd like the freedom of much greater speed, range, and payload.  I don't think I will get as far into writing and understanding code, but you never know... a big part of this hobby is learning new things.

  • Hi there, great see to another traditional helicopter flyer as Randy said a few of us hang out on the discussion he linked to.

    I suspect you already have a simulator, but its well worth getting a good one, a few hours spent on it will pay dividends. :) 

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         Welcome!  For the heli related stuff you can find a few of us hanging out on the monster TradHeli thread.

  • 3D Robotics

    Welcome, Jeff!  ArduCopter is based on Arduino, which is essentially C and C++. You can learn more about it here

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