Trex 450 Testing

Hi guys! We have an update with all the problem that we had last time. We tried all the possible connections for our heli before our test flight again. Here are the videos. -> power supply for servo&engine is one, and another power supply for apm. it drifts to the left. and at the start the swashplate moves radically. -> power supply for servo&engine is one, and another power supply for apm. We connected it to the mission planner to determine the level. as you can see in the video, the level is very inaccurate. -> we tried the single power supply again. We changed the source of the gyro gain from ch6 to ch7. and used the old PID (all D are all 0)


So we are back in our old set up. The twitching is very minimal. So we are planning to fly it later. We will post the video of our test flight later. Hope it goes well. :)

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  • Hi Marianne,


    you are using a GY401 gyro on your Trex with the APM?

    If yes, do you route the RX signal directly to the gyro?

    I compared both, directly versus indirectly through the APM and through the APM gives a very different behaviour to the rudder. Through APM the rudder starts to drift a lot to both directions.

    I would like to make my first test flight soon. Any tips what to do?


  • I edited my post. Maybe you got confused with my previous post. The first video has two power source. We saw the movement of the swashplate which is really bad so we connected it to the mission planner, thus the second video. After that, we tried again the single power supply for the apm+servo+engine which is the last video.


    We tested the heli, and gathered a good flight from it. Although the video is really dark since its already night time when we tested the heli. Check the 50sec, we are not controlling the heli that time (the camera zoomed it) :


    Also, I have a question with regards to the code .42. What are the things that we should remember in using the code? Thanks.

  • You have some serious problems there, Is your APM insulated from the frame?

    I have never seen that on any my helis. in the first video is the APM completley disconnected and you have the servos plugged directly in to the Reciever. If thats the case then it has to be the ESC/Motor RF or voltage noise. what receiver are you using? 2.4ghz? Has your ESC got a ferrite ring on it?

    I noticed in the first video the Main gear is very warped, but i doubt that would cause too much of a problem.

  • It is very interesting view of APM while swash plate controlling. We hope to become have smaller IMU that could fit into 450 traditional helicopter. 

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