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Well I got my 3DR Y6 kit about 3 weeks ago and got started building it right away as I was anxious to get it flying. Since this is my first multicopter I just went through the instructions I got to the point to install the motor collet assembles and they didn't look exactly like the document showed but close so I proceeded to install them thread locker and all. When it came time to put the props on I discovered that the prop shafts first didn't fit with any adapter rings provided on the APC props. Second problem the shafts seemed to short as seen in this photo. As you can see only a few threads can be seen and the nut has no way of being put on where the shaft would come through other side of the nut when tightened down. 


I contacted support and they said that I had the wrong prop shafts and they were waiting to receive the correct longer ones. They told me they finally came in and would be shipping out to me. I got an email after that stating that they didn't have the longer prop shafts as a separate item but they would just send me new motors with the correct prop shafts and I didn't need to return the others. So I waited and finally got the package today to find the exact same motors and prop shafts that I got in the original kit.

The packing slip shows this.


I measured the prop shaft and it is 10mm in length and the APC 10 x 4.7 prop is 6.3mm thick and the washer provided is 2mm thick. That gives me a total of 8.3 mm of thickness and I only have 1.7mm of threads left for a 3.3mm thick nut or only half the threads. 


Has anyone else received these prop shafts in there kits and how did you get them to work for you if you did?? Very frustrated with this situation.


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    Interestingly a friend of mine who flys mikrokopter which uses the same prop adapters, much prefers the domed adapter previously sold, as it seemed much faster to remove or apply props.

    Not sure the reason for the change? would be interesting to understand the pros/cons of both

  • Sorry about the confusion here. I would recommend not using the black spacer washer. It does not fit concentrically on the threaded part of the mounting shaft, and can induce vibrations. You are fine to use the nut alone or even better is an m5 internal tooth star washer, such as this: http://www.mcmaster.com/#star-washers/=or7qat

    We will be using these lock washers as soon as we get them stocked. You should be able to find them at a local hardware store for just a few cents.

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