4S Y6 PID's - Need some help

Last week I received 4S batteries and have been trying to tune the PID's on my Y6 for it. I am hoping some of you who are using 4S batteries can share your params so I can compare. I started with the params file posted on the 3DR site.

I'm having a hard time getting away from a 'twitchy' feel, and also having a weird problem when I'm flying forward my YAW oscillates slightly back and forth (does not happen when i am hovering). if a gust of wind hits the copter, it does not smoothly adjust, but instead twitches a bit before coming stable again. As you can image this makes it impossible to record video (or fly around with confidence)

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!



11-11-13 - test pids 4S.param

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  • still not able to get rid of it, here's a video.. you can see it's constantly trying to keep yaw direction with small (and annoying) left/right movements whenever throttle is applied:

    what values should I be focusing on? I've tried changing the stabilize yaw value, and the rate yaw P, and they seem to have no effect at all while I was hovering - I used the max/min value range listed in the wiki. I'm using the chan 6 nob in flight tuning method. so frustrating :|

  • T3
    There is a set of default PIDs for Y6 in the download here.
  • So Ralph did you buy a third set of ESCs? I think I remember your 2nd set were 3S only.

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