Choosing y6 propellors

I have been looking at several commercial Y- configured multicopters out there, and have noticed that most of them use the normal APC -E props rather than SF props. I asked a local drone delveloper why this was, and he answered that they have tried a huge number of different prop combinations, and the one that worked the best was the high pitch E props.

Has anyone tried this on the 3DR Y-6?

Im thinking of using 9x8's and 10x8's if I can find them.

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  • very interested as well - would love to hear if anyone has tried different props

  • We are trying to figure out which propellers to upgrade to as well, but were more interested in a carbon fiber solution for durability.  The props that come with the Y6 break quite easily.  In one case, the copter landed and fell forward into the grass and two props broke.  So we either need better props or a little wider landing gear......I guess we could also perfect the landing too.  Anyways, does anyone have a carbon fiber solution they have used or found?

  • Also, what was the reason for 3DR to use different propeller sizes for the top and bottom props?

  • eCalc offers the option of using either APC SF or E props when running an analysis. If you compare the two, the E props seem to usually provide a VERY slight increase in flight time. It's a small enough difference I don't sweat which one, I usually grab whatever is cheaper. I wouldn't mix the two types on a quad, but you could for a Y6 between top and bottom. Of course this presupposes that eCalc is correct....

    I'm curious why you are dropping down an inch in prop size from what 3DR recommends for the Y6? What's your thinking?

  • I'm wondering about the new APC multirotor specific props and if they offer a performance boost or not?

    I was thinking about using the 10x5.5 instead of the 10x4.7 I have now.   There doesn't appear to be an 11" replacement yet though.



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