Gimbal/Camera set up

Any of you Y6 owners have a gimbal/camera setup yet? i'm interested in seeing what you're using and how you're mounting it on your 3dr Y6.

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  • I use the RCTimer cheapie gimbal with great success.  I did mount the controller board separately, more rearward under the frame.  The round baseplate fits right up into the recess in the nose of the Y6 with very slight trimming of about 5mm of carbon fiber from each side of the baseplate.  I did not use the stand-offs, just screwed the gimbal arm right to the vibration isolator plate.

    Now, this is not the most mind-blowing gimbal as far as design and manufacture but it works quite well.  It does require flashing and programming.  Not hard to do, but not intuitive either.  It's not quite like any other hardware I've tuned.

    Here is the gimbal:

    Here is a video I shot with it at Burning Man 2013:
  • First flight with Tarot 2d, using new 3.1 Autotune parms (as is).  I will try another flight with Stab P reduced as I have read about.  I do seem to have a twitch when I engage tilt via the Aux3 knob on my DX8, but also seem to notice what might be a spotty connection on that cable.  I added an extension from the receiver so I can easily connect/disconnect the Tarot.



  • Made a white plastic mockup of a plate to attach the Tarot to the 3DR Y6, using only the two holes already on the y6's top plate.  Had to lower the plate and move it forward so that the Tarot's top plate clears the bottom of the Y6's bottom plate.  Also, offset it a little since the center of the Tarot is not where the GoPro lens is.  May have to attach the Tarot battery to the back arm of the Y6 to balance it out.  I have yet to even start figuring out the pitch control via the RC receiver (a Spektrum AR8000), but there seems to be some help on the web for that.


  • When AC-3.1 is released, it has a new auto-tune feature.  Should it be used without the camera gimbal mounted, or with the camera gimbal mounted?  Or both (saving off the PIDs)?


  • Anyone using a non-Gopro gimbal mount with their Y6? I'm hoping to use a Sony Nex-5 camera or similar.

  • Here is my setup.  My Y6 was a Hex conversion so I just cut down one of my old arms and attached the gimbal to it.  I feed the wires through the arm and put the gimbal battery on the other side of the Y6 to balance it out a bit.  It flies well!


  • I just got my new GoPro3+ black edition today and made a hard mount on the nose of the y6 for it because I couldn't wait to see some footage from it. I have a Tarot gimbal on order but here is a link to my first flight with the GoPro. This is mounted right to the frame with no vibration dampening at all so I am pretty pleased. I will be fantastic with the gimbal. This was taken at 1080P 30fps. 

    First GoPro video

  • Hi Mike P!

    First, Ralph your video footage looks rock solid! nice accomplishment placing and making good use of the Tarot Gymbal on your Y6.

    Mike, Ralph, I have a JVC Adixxion camera ...

      I wonder if the tarot gymbal can be somewhat accomodating for this extremely small camera. Below and at one side it got a tripod mounting hole (sorry for my probable lack of english) So if the gymbal has any kind of hole of the standard dimension as the screw of a tripod, I cam fix the camera into it with one of those screws.

    Anyway every gymbal out there seems to be specifically designed for the Gopro cameras. Which they actually also have the tripod mounting screw hole. But the design of the gymbals is more like envolving the whole camera, other than screwing it in place... Hence, they seem to be rather gopro specific :( 

    Anyone seen a more generic gymbal solution ?

    Regards, Enrique!

  • Question primarily for Raph.  Have you made a more permanent mounting of the Tarot on the Y6 yet?

    I had been hoping to find a gimbal that was more generic, with no luck (should say no luck at a similar price point).  Your video with the gimbal is the smoothest I have seen in months of watching flight videos.  I was thinking of buying a sheet of carbon fiber, cut to size, mount the gimbal to it, then the plate I made could be attached through the two holes already in the 3DR Y6 top plate.


  • 300km

    Can anyone recommend a brushless gimbal for a mid sized camera like a NEX5?

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