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Nick Turner commented on MAGnet Systems's blog post VR-Eye Spherical vision camera
"This looks great, possibly even for a rover build going through confined space where a gimal or more bulky 360 rig would not be ideal. 
Any estimates on price? "
Jul 8, 2016
Nick Turner commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Army researchers testing swarms of APM-powered drones
"I think Chris has a good point to share this. This community should take pride in how far the open-source side has come. When a large well funded branch of the government is using open-source platforms to advance UAV technology, it's a nod to how…"
Oct 3, 2015
Nick Turner commented on Patrick Meier's blog post Developing Guidelines for Humanitarian Drone Missions
"Hi Patrick,
Any plans to host something similar in the U.S.?"
Jul 21, 2015
Nick Turner replied to Dan McKenna's discussion Research using IRIS..not allowed!? in IRIS
"I think it ultimately comes down to what organization you are representing. If you are representing the University then a COA on behalf of the University will be needed, but if you are just doing research as a private citizen with your own funds…"
Mar 6, 2015
Nick Turner replied to Dan McKenna's discussion Research using IRIS..not allowed!? in IRIS
"Hi Dan,

I think I can help you with some info. I'm a researcher at a University as well. Any aircraft you purchase with grant funds are technically "Public Aircraft" that are attached to a "Public Organization", in this case Caltech University. You…"
Mar 5, 2015
Nick Turner commented on Blucraft's blog post Introducing Mach-Up: A conceptual design tool for drones
"This is a great direction, I hope you keep adding to this. I'm looking for easy to use tools for K-12 STEM education designing UAV airframes, this might work great. Goal would be to bring these designs into a 3D printer."
Jan 23, 2015
Nick Turner commented on Randy's blog post Steps towards S&R in Japan
"Mahalo Randy for sharing. I'm doing similar work in Hawaii with fixed-wing and multi-rotors for monitoring a lava flow heading into town, we have an active FAA COA for a disaster impacted area from Kilauea volcano. It's been quite an experience…"
Dec 22, 2014
Nick Turner posted a blog post
http://youtu.be/tRZriynYNCADrones are being used to capture the damage from Tropical Storm Iselle in Puna both for video and for mapping. Our district is holding up a major election for Senate as…
Aug 14, 2014
Nick Turner left a comment for Nick Turner
"That would be great, thanks Steve.

Jul 16, 2014
Nick Turner commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Are drones restricted in your state? This map will show you.
"Hawaii needs to be updated, drone regulations died here last legislative session after much community input. It was great to see the drone community here unite and come together in response to the proposed regulation which intended to ban all UAV…"
Jun 25, 2014
Nick Turner commented on Oliver's blog post Drunk Hockey Fans Mistake Phantom For LAPD Drone, Down It!
"The pilot had it coming and it shows how the media twists the truth to fit a pre-defined bias/agenda (as usual). 
Makes for an entertaining GIF though!"
Jun 14, 2014
Nick Turner commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Accuracy evaluation: is better than 5cm possible with uav's?
"Hey Martin,
I agree with the researchers you spoke to about LIDAR being better in accuracy than photogrammetry, but the cost differences are what makes DEM/DSM generation from photos so attractive. LIDAR systems run 100K-300K which is great if you…"
Apr 2, 2014
Nick Turner left a comment on Arducopter Y6 Owners
"@ Chris: Do you know if the new legs will be sold separately for those that already have a Y6 and want to add a gimbal? Thanks."
Feb 3, 2014
Nick Turner commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Data delivery drones
"That's pretty funny, but surprisingly not far off the mark of future tech:
Dec 15, 2013
Nick Turner commented on Brandon Basso's blog post Creating automatic mission plans for aerial surveying
"Yeah the white page seems to be a bug. A quick fix is to uncheck "Advanced Options" in the simple tab click "Accept", Clear that mission, Relaunch Survey Tool and now check "Advanced Options". That should bring the other tabs back from the white…"
Dec 15, 2013
Nick Turner posted a discussion
Does anyone have experience with a Tetracam ADC-Lite? The Exif is getting stripped after exporting RAW files to JPEG from Pixelwrench. This is making it quite challenging to use with other programs outside of Pixelwrench. 
Dec 15, 2013