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  • Nice to find another quad pilot in our tiny state! I'm in Hanover. Up here we've had so much rain that I was only able to squeeze in one flight today.

  • Hey Owen I'm in Manchester. Where you at?
  • Hawaii needs to be updated, drone regulations died here last legislative session after much community input. It was great to see the drone community here unite and come together in response to the proposed regulation which intended to ban all UAV activity except for law enforcement use.

  • My state (New Hampshire) has the following pending legislation:

    644-A:3 Non-government Use of Drones Limited; Exceptions.

    I. No person shall use a drone to conduct surveillance without the prior consent of each affected person and each owner or possessor of affected buildings or structures or parts thereof. It shall not be a defense to a charge of violating this chapter that the buildings or structures were not marked with a no-trespassing sign or similar notice.

    II. No person shall own, use, or exercise control over a drone that is equipped with any kind of lethal or non-lethal weapon.

    III. Any person that owns, uses, or exercises control over a drone in this state that causes injury to a person or such person’s property shall be strictly liable for the injury.

    IV. No person shall use a drone to harass or stalk another person.

    Seems fairly reasonable, unless (as Acorn said) someone accuses me of trespassing, stalking, or spying when I'm simply flying for fun. That said, all my neighbors are nice people and the school whose football field I fly on is fine with it.

  • My stat has pending legislature that is pretty reasonable. But as Kirby G points out, as long as they don't accuse me of trespassing, stalking/spying when I'm just trying to have some fun.
  • I think the irony is that most of this legislation was motivated to keep the federal government from "spying" on their own citizens and keeping the government from intruding on our freedoms. Instead it has the effect of the government reducing the freedom of its own citizens.

    I would laugh if it didnt make me want to cry... :( 

  • Thanks for the link. In Wisconsin it has "Whoever uses a drone, as defined in s. 175.55 (1) (a), with the intent to photograph, record, or otherwise observe another individual in a place or location where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy is guilty of Class A misdemeanor."

    I guess the gray area is to prove that you were or werent trying to record someone. If im flying around my yard and it happens to go high enough to see into other back yards and someone calls the cops thinking im spying on their yard.

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