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    See the calculations on blackboard, the power clamps on (paper) airplane...Thanks for share Gary, I loved it!


  • That's pretty funny, but surprisingly not far off the mark of future tech: 

  • "Thumbs Up" Gary! Once again you "Scoop" "Cutting Edge Tec" being pushed to the limit!

  • I think it's pretty good too.

    And here I thought somebody really was going to do data delivery via drone.

    "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a van full hard drives."  

  • This is fantastic.

  • Alejandro, you need to read the fine print disclaimer at the end.

  • I understand the FAA has just issued a cease and desist order to ERC and has confiscated all of their prototypes.

  • Afffff ... another useless think of amateurs drone user

  • An inspiration for Disclaimer authors everywhere. :-)

  • I must have lost my sense of humor, because I can't see the funny.

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