Help - After Converting to Frame 10...

As some of you know, I had a crash.  My Y6 is back together, and I gave it a "maiden flight".  It is showing the same tendency I saw after initially changing to Frame 10, in that I have to give it forward pitch else it keeps going backwards. The center of gravity seemed fine.

I had to replace two motors, both on the right front arm.

Would it be advisable to re-run Compmass Mot, Calibrate Compass and Accelerometer setup tests again?

Or is it possible that I have a "weak" or under-performing motor on the back arm?  If so, I am not sure how I would test for that.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, on a different note, even since I switched to 3.1, I get "pre-arm, bad gps pos" a lot.  This morning I had to override it so that I could make this flight.  The HDOP clearly was not good, as it was between 2.1 and 2.7.  Oddly, when I went back to the shop and connected via USB, HDOP was below 2.0.



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  • Thanks, I will give it a try!


    • Good news, after all the ESC, CompassMot, Compass, Accel recalibration, it is "Stable" in stablize, with no apparent rear drifting!



    • Good to hear - I had a similar problem - but yaw rather than drift. Happy flying. NB

  • Hi Nelson

    If you have undertaken a rebuild including changing motors, it will also be important to recalibrate your ESCs. This would be a likely cause of the copter needing constant forward pitch.  I would follow the sequence below (props off):

    • Recalibrate ESC's (all together) - gently raise the throttle after recalibration. If all motors do not appear to spin up at the same speed then recalibrate ESCs one at a time.
    • Calibrate Compass
    • Calibrate Accelerometer
    • Calibrate RC Tx

    See how you go.


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