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I will build a Y6 and do Mission Planning via a Mac laptop. I am wondering if there are any differences between the Mac version and the Windows version? Are Mac users satisfied with the functionality of the Mac version? The reason I ask is I could use the Windows version by using Parallels IF the windows version was somehow better. What do you experts think?

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  • I guess I missed the fact that a version of MP exists for Mac. I use VMware Fusion on my Mac and have a Virtual Machine running XP. This works well and I can use the same version as my desktop pc does where I do my building and changes on my frame.

  • You should try both and see what works for you. The mac version is definitely younger in the development cycle though.

    And hopefully someone can chime in here, but I have yet to find the Auto WP Survey (grid) function or geotagging utility yet. Both work great in the windows version but appear to be absent at this point from the Mac version.
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