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Attention Greg KosinI thought your message about making the camera aim where we want it that you sent yesterday would solve the problem. Your steps were copied by us off line - no quad connected using Mission a Planner as well as APM 2.0; we could not duplicate what you did. Were you connected to your quad when you did the mission sequence? We don't have our Y6 yet so were doing it just for practice. Specifically, we could not get the waypoints that show where the camera should aim to appear on our screen. We got waypoints but no target points - the pinkish symbols that are in the center of the screen you sent me. We don't understand to be quite honest.

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  • I don't remember for sure if the copter was connected but I think it was. I just tested it now without the copter connected and it worked, meaning it allowed me to right click and click on the Set ROI. So the sequence I did is open the planer page and my home location was all that is on the map then I click a point on the map that created WP1 then I right clicked and the dialog box opens with a bunch of options and I select the Set ROI option and it places that different color point on the map where the cursor was when I right clicked. The I left clicked the map to create WP3 and so on. I am not sure why you can't make it work. I am running the latest version of mission planner  1.2.92. I have an APM 2.6 with the external compass on my Y6.

    I hope this helps. 

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