Modified Y6

How many of you are not happy with the landing gear for your Y6?  I bought my 3DR kit last winter and mounted the Tarot 2D gimbal platform but after a hard landing and a broken gimbal mount, I decided to research and find something better.  My final result is this landing gear which required a slight bit of drilling to mount.  I purchased the landing gear from

FPV T-shape Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Skid for RC Multicopter X650 S550 Compatible (SKU: 105883)

Check out my photos.  :-)




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  • I haven't even started building my Y6 yet, but I love the look of those legs. I've ordered a pair from BG.

    An added bonus to the ground clearance is that I should be able to run larger props - the motors I'm using can use up to 13" props.

    As my motors are more "pancake" style than the recommended 3DR ones, I've also ordered some 10mm motor spacers so I can experiment with the propeller separation. I've read that this is pretty important with co-axial motors, more so than the top/bottom propeller sizes.

    I see you use the propeller quick-disconnect adapters - what are they like regarding in everyday use?



    • Since I purchased them last fall I've really not seen any performance improvements or degradations with them.  I also heard folks discuss that the more the upper and lower props are away from each other the better I is.  Something to do with cleaner air for the lower propellers.  For me it's too early to jump on that band wagon, but I have enough logs to see that my 12 inch upper propellers and 13 inch lower propellers have not changed in performance with the quick disconnect adding a few more millimeters to the spacing between them.

      I bought the disconnects as a means of being able to remove props for storage and transport and that I do not have to loosen and tighten the hubs/nuts every time I transport the copters. 

    • Thanks Doug,

      I'm very new to the Y6 brigade myself.

      I'm changing over from a "flat" Tarot 680 hex that I find to be just too big, so please excuse the questions.


  • Hello, I am looking to buy the exact same landing gear but I am worried about the ground clearance. Can you tell me the distance from the base of your frame to the ground?

    Many thanks

    • My landing gear height is 10 inches or 254 millimeters.

    • Is that measured from where the landing gear is mounted directly down to the floor? I thought the support tube was 240mm long, thus making the vertical distance shorter than 240mm? 

      Thanks for the quick reply too, much appreciated :)

    • From the base of chassis to the bottom of skids.

    • Sorry for another question but I'm confused as to how this length is longer than the tube which is 240mm at an angle?

      Please correct me if i'm making an error!

      I've attached an image below which is my understanding of the setup and the height in question.

      Thanks for helping with this, it is very much appreciated as I've struggled to find any information on it!


    • It is 10 inches from base directly vertically down to flat surface.

    • Okay, thank you!

      One last question, is the angle between the ground and the support tube 60 degrees? It looks roughly that angle based on your pictures.

      Thanks again for all your help, much appreciated :)

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