Motor Failures

After my crash, I had visible damage to the left bottom motor, as the wires got snapped off just as they entered the motor.  I have since re-assembled each arm using the side hole with a grommet, and the wires pointed inward.

Ran a motor spin test, and the Number 1 (with Frame 10 setup) twitched and pretty much didn't spin

Next, I switched the ESCs for the motors 1 and 2, and clearly the ESC was not the problem.  Had one spare motor after replacing one on the left bottom.  I attached it loosely on the ground, and it behaved correctly during the motor spin test.

So although there is no visible damage, the hard landing and sudden stop must have caused some kind of motor problem.

Anyone else experienced this?


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  • The soldering is harder than you would think, and this is the main power for the craft, if you do not have 3dr do it I would suggest you have someone help you, that way you can be sure not to hamstring the craft worse as you out on new parts

    • Hello Tearig and Nigel

      I was given 3 options by 3DR:

      - We can offer you a refund
      - We can offer you store credit so you can place an order once this whole shipping thing is finished
      - We can send you parts (we will check if we are able to ship these parts) so you can repair your copter.

      There is no option to return the Y6 to 3DR for repair due to the export restrictions. 

      What do you suggest I do? 

      I wonder whether is it possible to return the Y6 without the electronics which are all located on the top of the Y6.

      So I will just send back the Y6 frame with 6x Motors + 6x ESCs + PDB + Power Module.


    • I would get the parts needed from 3dr (suspected parts) and do it, really unless you are comfortable with allways sending it back. Once you do you will be able to come here And I will help you!

    • Hello Tearig

      Thank you for your recommendation.

      The export restriction was lifted for a few countries including Singapore a few weeks back and I sent my RTF Y6 back to 3DR for repair.

      I'll provide an update once 3DR have finished their test and repair.

      Btw my Y6 is still in the 2013 A configuration and I wonder if there is any advantage by going to the B configuration?

      If there is, what are the things that I need to change to get to the B configuration? Just swap out the 11 with 10 inch props and re-solder the motor to ESC wiring to change its rotation direction?

  • Well, I am still trying to get this resolved, I think I have a bad ESC maybe 2 and a back PDB, I say this because I can get one esc to work if I do not connect it to the pdb, calibrates fine just connecting directly to a bat, then has errors or just does not work when I connect it...

    Now I did get a response from 3Dr,  so they had me film a video to see the issue with the esc... 

    So I am waiting again... I ordered it overnight to get it done and be ready June 1, that was May 18th...

    hoping to get this going... day 12 on a DOA Y6... trying to be patient 


    • 3dr jumped to the task after we did their required video of the failure... They reshipped overnight,, sorry that I did not up this... 3dr is great for support and Cs! I would go buy again and again from them as they do what few others will!

      Quadrysteria will also as a side note, we just need them to start offering the px4 hint hint

    • Hello Tearig

      So after sorting out the 2x front bottom 11" props being upside down, I brought my Y6 out for a hover flight test.

      My Y6 sluggishness, its motors noisy and being very hot have all disappeared.

      But my Y6 did not have a happy ending to its hover flight test. About 7 minutes into the hover, the same bottom front motor stop spinning and my Y6 dropped to the ground at a height of around 5ft.

      On the ground, the faulty motor was giving out a beep sound every few seconds. Following your advice, I took a video of my Y6 with the beeping sound and sent it off to 3DR CS.

      I hope you are right about 3DR's responsiveness as this issue was reported to them 3 weeks ago.


    • Hi Tearig and David

      I had that very same issue and spent a week testing and re-testing every part and combination I could come up with.  In the end it was a PDB (or more accurately the servo routing through the PDB). I videoed the problem and my diagnostics. I sent those to 3DR followed by the copter. I have said before I have always found 3DR are a joy to work through problems with - but it did take them more than 6 weeks to ship this one back to us. They had replaced the PDB and everything works fine now. 

      To work out if this is the same issue for you, route the ESC controllers directly to your APM/Pixhawk chip (i.e. bypass the PDB) and see if you can recreate the failure.

      Also just a note: As I understand it, the motor can not give off a beeping sound. It is actually the ESC that uses the motor as the speaker (go figure). I read that somewhere but it makes sense as the motor is, well, just a motor. Any "smarts" are in the ESC.   You can time the ESC beeps and then look up what they mean in the ESC documentation.

      Good luck

      Nigel Brown

    • Hi Nigel

      I guess 3DR has figure out the issue is likely due to the PDB as they initially want me to send my Y6 back to them for further testing and replacement of the PDB to a newer version that have Deans connectors on them.

      I have already send my Y6 back to them once for the same issue (bottom front motor not spinning) at the beginning of this year and according to them, all the 6x ESCs + 6x Motors were replaced except for the PDB. Now I have the same issue again and they are suspecting the PDB as they did not replace this part previously.

      I have no issue sending my Y6 back to them for test and repair except now they have APM/PixHawk export restrictions. What this means is that after my Y6 have been repaired by 3DR, 3DR cannot send my Y6 back to me in Singapore until the export restrictions have been lifted. And they have no idea how long before the export restrictions will be lifted.

      Now I am waiting for them to provide me the parts list that they are going to send over for me to do my own repair.

      I don't quite understand your instructions to replicate the issue "route the ESC controllers directly to your APM/Pixhawk chip (i.e. bypass the PDB) and see if you can recreate the failure."

      I am still new to the 2013 Y6a running APM 2.6, can you please elaborate further or provide a step-by-step instruction on routing the ESC controllers directly to your APM? And after this what else do I do?

      As for the beep intervals on my Y6, it is around 5 seconds. Where can you download the 3DR ESC documentation to deduce the meaning of the 5 seconds beep?

      Thank you


    • Here is the Maytech Simonk ESC manual.

      Dave just a word of encouragement: The learning curve is steep for multirotors and autonomous vehicles, but worth it. It is very important that you fully diagnose any issue that you have as they are more often than not, symptomatic of where you are on that learning curve.

      Your pre-flight procedures and check lists should be followed completely each time - just like a real pilot. My controllers (pilots) routinely do over an hour of pre-flight checks for a 10 minute flight. It is part of being responsible by managing safety and risk. It will also prevent you from  flying your copter with props upside down :-) 

      If you discover that it is your PDB - and are having trouble getting the part from 3DR, I am sure I have a few spares I could send you (I am in Australia).

      Nigel Brown


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