Motor Failures

After my crash, I had visible damage to the left bottom motor, as the wires got snapped off just as they entered the motor.  I have since re-assembled each arm using the side hole with a grommet, and the wires pointed inward.

Ran a motor spin test, and the Number 1 (with Frame 10 setup) twitched and pretty much didn't spin

Next, I switched the ESCs for the motors 1 and 2, and clearly the ESC was not the problem.  Had one spare motor after replacing one on the left bottom.  I attached it loosely on the ground, and it behaved correctly during the motor spin test.

So although there is no visible damage, the hard landing and sudden stop must have caused some kind of motor problem.

Anyone else experienced this?


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    • Thanks Tearig and Nigel

      Francisco from 3DR replied this morning saying that he is sending over 1x PDB with Deans connectors, 1x ESC and 1x 850kv Motor. 

      Curious thing, when I go to the 3DR Store website - the PDB and ESC were also under export restrictions. So I need Francisco to confirm that these items are not under export restrictions and just that they forget to remove the export restrictions from these two items.Otherwise I am out of luck getting my Y6 repaired.

      Nigel I was unable to see the two pictures where you were describing how to connect the ESC servo connector to the APM. I believe the color of my ESC servo cable is Black/Red/White. Yes I do have a RTF Y6, so I have not seen the inside of my Y6 power cabling yet.


    • If you have a RTF then the PDB with Deans that they are sending you will be a problem for you as you will need to de-solder all 6 PDB power connections for the ESCs and then solder Male Deans connectors to all the existing ESCs. This is not a small job and you will need to get 5 Male Deans (unless they are going to send those too).

      Is it possible to send the copter back and get their skilled solderers to do it (notwithstanding the export ban). That way you would get the lighter PDB and probably reset your warranty.

      There is no difference between the PDB with Deans and the one without. My preference is to use the ones without and shorten all ESC cables to the minimum as this saves quite a bit of weight. The PDB without Deans are not available to buy though.

    • Hello Nigel

      Ok 3DR has agreed for me to send them my Y6 without the electronics. So there is no issue with the APM export restrictions.


    • David

      The ESC has a red/brown/yellow servo connector (see second pic below - but it doesn't show the servo connector - just the red/brown/yellow wire) that is normally connected to the pins on the PDB (see first pic below). The pins on the PDB are then connected to your APM / Pixhawk output channel. If you purchased an ready to fly then the ESC servo connector will be hot glued to the pins on the PDB - but the hot glue can easily be removed.

      Disconnect the ESC from - for example the first set of pins on the PDB. Disconnect the corresponding PDB pin from the APM / Pixhawk, Connect the ESC Servo pins directly to the APM / Pixhawk. Run your tests 

    • I was just suggesting by passing the ESC... They will most likely send a new PDB and deans or tplugs...

      But if you want to move faster just replace the parts you think are faulty... What is it a motor and a ESC? Maybe 40-50$ probably less than shipping it back.

      Ultimatly mine is mission to test platforms and hope to derive a more stable system from the knowledge I gain form these kits I can find...
    • Hi There,

      I am assuming you are using the blue 3dr motors. 

      Let me start out by saying the blue 3dr motors are garbage. Starting about 9 months ago, i figured i'd just buy what 3DR recommended - boy was I wrong!

      In the last 9 months i've probably returned 10 motors to them - either because they were mis matched (literally completely different motors colored blue), or did exactly as you said; twitches.

      I spent countless hours troubleshooting, and eventually decided to start taking the motors apart. I found many of them were HORRIBLY assembled. The +/-/signal leads sometimes were holding on by a thread. I bit the bullet and bought t-motors and never have I been happier.

      The lesson I learned is, never cheap out on motors. Unless 3DR totally revamped their motors, I wouldn't recommend the 3DR blue motors to my worst enemy.

    • Hello Raph

      What are "t-motors" and do they work with the 3DR stock 20A ESC?

      Can you get these motors from HobbyKing? I am thinking of replacing the 3DR motors (850Kv).

      I have a 3DR Y6 (2013) and two weeks back, one of the motor stop spinning.

      I unsoldered the wires connecting the faulty motor to the ESC and soldered on a good motor to the ESC.

      The good motor was able to spin. Since I don't have a replacement motor, I solder the faulty motor back to its ESC and did a ESC calibration. And surprise surprise, the faulty motor was spinning again.

      I brought it out to the field and the Y6 flew for about 2 minutes before that same motor stops spinning in mid-air. I had a hard time bringing the Y6 back down and luckily without any damage.

      I did another ESC calibration and the faulty motor was able to spin but it intermittently would spin down and then spin up by itself.

      I have contacted 3DR CS to determine the fault and get them to set the replacement part as this unit is still under warranty.

      Any idea whether its a faulty motor or ESC?

    • hi David,

      T-motors is company called tiger motor ( They make higher end motors - basically better bearings, and overall better build quality. Google is your friend and you'll find plently of info.

      I'm sorry to hear about your troubles! I would try to wire that ESC in question to one of your 'good' motors, and on the bench try to reproduce the issue. If it makes the 'good' motor stutter, then you know it's the ESC. 

    • Hello Raph

      Thank you for the info on tiger motor. May I know the model of the T-motors and ESC that you are using on your Y6? There are too many motors on the tiger motor website and it's confusing which motors is suitable for the Y6.

      Regarding the motor failure on my Y6, besides the motor, 3DR CS is also suspecting the PDB may be faulty too.

      They want the Y6 to be sent back to them for test and repair but due to the issue of APM not being shipped outside of USA, they are not able to receive my Y6 for repair.

      So it is likely that they will send the replacement parts for me to do the repair myself.


    • David,

      I am using the MT-2216 version 2, 800kv spinning 11" 10x5 graupner props. They have 900kv, and I think 1100kv option as well depending on your application. I am getting a nice 17-22amp hover with my Y6 setup, carrying gopro, gimbal, additional flight camera, telemetry etc.

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