I've been using a 3DR RTF Y6b with Pixhawk since early summer with no problems.  I never play with parameters.  I normally would fly with the tarot gimbal and GoPro camera, but I wanted a better camera option for my purposes so I have a stable mount with a Canon Powershot attached.  I've been swapping out back and forth the tarot gimbal with GoPro camera and my DIY mount with no problem most of the summer.  Just recently, when I was flying with the Canon camera, my Y6 started twitching and bouncing around erratically in loiter mode.  When I switched it to auto it would perform a mission just fine.


A couple flights after this began, it's now been displaying that same jumping and twitching behavior in stabilize, loiter, and auto.  It is jumpy enough in auto where my photos actually turn out blurry because of the sudden movements. 


My question is does anyone know if this is a tuning issue that I would just have to change parameters when I swap camera mounts?  If so can someone suggest which parameters?  I am a beginner and I have list of changeable parameters but I have no idea where to begin.  I've sent the log files in to 3DR Support, and they've checked everything and can't see anything unusual. Also, i'm not sure if this would solve the issue anyway, since its been working just fine most of the summer and I feel that the weight is pretty balanced with my DIY mount.


The only other thing I considered is the temperature drop this month.  Does anyone have any experience on how cold of temperatures these things can fly in?

I appreciate any help, Thanks!

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  • I think it is possible that the change in camera and removal of the gimbal will have changes the MAG field.  I think it is a good idea to redo the compass and COMPASS_MOT calibrations whenever you change electronic and metal bits of gear on the airframe.

    It may not be your problem but it is worth a try.

    Have you tried going back to the original mount and camera and seeing if the problem goes away?  This would confirm that you are looking in the correct place if nothing else.

    • I didn't think of the MAG field and compass calibrations.  I will try that out.  I have tried going back to the original gimbal (tarot with GoPro) and it seems to be doing the jumping and twitching with that gimbal on now too.  That's why I was confused because I thought if it was only my DIY mount, then the problem might not occur when I switched back.  I am planning on flying it around today again with the tarot gimbal to see if it just takes more flights to readjust back to how it was.

        I've been swapping them back and forth most of the summer and not noticed a problem as big as this.  I always noticed with my rigged up mount that it was a little heavier and I had to give it a little more throttle and things like that, but it seemed that was the extent of problems. What really confuses me is that 3DR couldn't find anything wrong in the logs.

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    Ditto the logs. Is this a stock 2014 3DR Y6B? Kit or RTF? Are you using the 850 or 880 motors? Do you have 3S or 4S batteries? What is the total takeoff weight?


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

    • Yes it is stock, the only thing I've ever done differently is the mount that I was describing, other than that it is what I ordered from 3DR and it was RTF so I didn't have to put anything together. The motors are 850, and I use 4S batteries.  I'm not sure the total takeoff weight but I can get back to you on that. I was considering that it could have been something going wrong with a motor, but I thought if it was it might've shown up in the logs, and 3DR support didn't notice anything weird in them. Although I could be completely wrong and maybe it wouldn't show up in a log?

  • Could you post the .bin logs?

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