need help with y6

I am sorta new to this whole drone thing. I have a y6 with a apm 2.6 it was a RTF kit from 3dr and i am having problems with it completely stoping my motors and it dropping out of the sky. I do have a tarot 2d gimbal and i have attached to that an older 2.4 mhz radio so i can control my gimbal from a second controller. Before you ask i have tried for way to many hours to get that gimbal to be controlled off my apm but it will not work for some unknown reason.

Is there a reason a 2.4 mhz radio would take my y6 out of the sky? it works most of the time but then it has dropped out of sky twice now. 

Thanks for any info. 

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  • If you post the log files for the flight where the motors stopped I can take a look at what happened.

    • i am sorry don't know how to find that or post that. It this something thats easy to do?

    • Here you go...

    • Thanks for this link. In mission planner i don't have any options to download any data. I will fly again and see if it drop out of the sky and if it does i will have the flight data. 

    • In mission planner you need to go to the load logs tab on the bottom left..

      Then you will need to go to the tlog files they will be in the MP directory and under a Dir called logs.

      You will find directories for all copters connected to the MP then you will go into the right folder, if you have one it should be a Y6 Dir name.. Next you will find the tlog file from the flight... You need to load this to the forum and we can then analyze the data...

      If you have flight video post that also. From the tlog we can Crest a model of the flight and the condition of the components... Once you realize you have all this data I think you will experience a "Ah Ha" mommnet I know I did....

  • I recall seeing several warnings in various bits of documentation not to switch on the wifi if you use a gopro on your rig. It produces too much interference. Perhaps you are facing similar issues.

    • Lars' theory sounds reasonable. Check the GoPro WiFi. 

    • This I bet is the issue... I would set your failsafe to hover/ alt hold in the event of failure to prevent crash...

    • go pro wifi was not on and has not been on. there are a lot of wifi networks near where i live where this happened that i guess could have been the problem.

  • What frequency is your primary controller on?

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