I completed this weekend a conversion from 3DRobotics Hexa to Y6 configuration. During my test flight yesterday, the copter wanted to drift while in Loiter even with the Y6 parameters I downloaded.

Today I went through all mandatory flight prechecks (Compass, ESC, Compassmot, Radio calibration etc.) again. The video was made this morning following the changes. I also made one change in the PID suggested in the 3.0.1 announcement thread.

No more drift.

Of all the items / procedures I went through, performing all the calibration procedures again, but outdoors may of been the fix. I also set the APM to "compass learn", just in case.

Problem is, when you change many items at once, you never know which specific fix did the trick.

APM: 2.6 with External Compass
FIrmware: 3.0.1

Y6 Loiter RTL Test Video

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  • T3
    Congrats. When I flew mine I got a bit of drift, which I trimmed out using the trim set to channel 7 procedure. Waiting on an external GPS compass from 3DR.
  • Looks good im waiting to buy the Iris which hope will fly as good as your Y-6


  • Congrats!  I have my 3DR Y6 kit ready for an RTL test Tuesday.  Alt Hold and Loiter are stable, but for the RTL was going to go to somewhere with more open space than around where I live.

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