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Hi, guys.  I know the 3DR Y6 is not as popular as it used to be, but I still need some help.  I recently dusted off my Y6 and started using it again.  I even installed a new Hero4 for 4K video with a new lens (to get rid of the fisheye effect)...

The issue I have (well, one of them!) is that regardless if I connect through the MavLink or the USB cable directly to the Pixhawk, the pixhawk is reading 0.0V from the battery.  Now, the interesting thing is that BATTERY_VOLTAGE2 is reading correctly, but BATTERY_VOLTAGE1 is reading 0 (and it is not the multiplier).  I have tried everything I can think of to get this to read correctly, but I always end up with 0.0V.  And by the way, I connected the battery through a battery monitor, so I am seeing the battery is fully charged (but the effect is the same if I connect it directly).  And I have used 4 different batteries, so it is not the battery.

The weird thing is that regardless of how I set up the battery monitor 1, Mission Planner takes it and switches it to OTHER (even when I set it up as Pixhawk or 3DR).  To me, flying without knowing how much battery you have left is downright reckless, so I have only made very short (2 to 3 minutes) flights to avoid issues.  But I really need to survey a lot that my wife is working on a design for, and for that, I need a full flight.  I am running the latest version of the firmware (cannot remember the version, but I installed it 10 days ago).  Could you guys help me?

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  • Hi, Jaime.  I have a Pixhawk 1 (the original that came with the 3DR Y6 kit).  Same with the battery monitor, it is the 3DR one that came with the kit.  

    I am attaching a screenshot of the Battery Monitor and Battery Monitor 2 setup screens from MP,  Both in Tower and in MP I see 0.0V, which is a risk.  I am also attaching the log from the last flight.

    Battery 1.jpg

    Battery 2.jpg

    2018-03-30 10-58-46.log

  • Hi Felipe, the Mission planner issue is normal it doesn’t really matter is just the way mission planner displays it in, so it should be no problem. what type of flight controller do you have? (Pixhawk 1, the cube?) could you post you parameter file? Or a flight log?
    Also it would be better if you posted on discuss.ardupilot.org for ArduPilot support questions.
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