Room for common gimbals

Does the Y6 have sufficient ground clearance for the common type Brushless gimbal used for GoPro cameras? It is difficult to tell from the stock photos.

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  • Here's another mounting option for anyone interested:


    I ordered the parts from Ebay.

    10mmx240mm Carbon Fiber tubes with end caps:

    10mm Tube Mount Adapters:

    You have to take the Y6 chassis apart and get the lower plate free to work with and drill, but it was easier than I expected.  I used masking tape to make a template for drilling the holes by laying it over the mounting brackets and punching holes in the tape where the screw holes were on the brackets, then lay the tape down on the chassis plate and eyeball it until it's straight and where you want it. (Use a long piece of tape for leveling 5-6 inches long)  I used the gimbal bracket to hold the carbon poles in place, slid the brackets onto the poles and positioned them where I wanted them on the chassis.  Each pair of holes I drilled for one bracket, I would bolt up the bracket(s) that I could, eyeball where the next bracket should go and put the tape/template between the bracket and chassis plate, remove bolts/bracket, drill 2 holes, repeat.

    This setup allows you to slide the poles and gimbal in/out as needed, but the stock battery supplied by 3DR does not fit between the poles in either normal or sideways orientation, but it does fit turned at an angle just fine.

  • I like Brendan made an adapter plate. I used a simple piece of plastic that is a plastic junction box cover that I purchased for less than two dollars. I used a Tarot 2d gimbal and it works great. Here are a few pictures. 



    2014-02-04 09.23.01.jpg

    2014-02-04 09.23.17.jpg

    2014-02-04 09.24.44.jpg

    • Greg can you post some close up photos of how you used the switch cover plastic and how it connects to Y6 deck. Then show us how the Tarot damper layer connects. Thanks.
  • I'm interested in a front-mount gimbal for mine, but I'll need some sort of adapter that connects to the frame and then holds the rear brushless motor. This way the copter will be more transportable (which is why I bought a Y6 in the first place).

    If anyone has 3d modeling experience and wants to help develop something, let me know :)

    My ideal setup would be something similar to what the TBS Discovery Pro does, so there is some vibration damping as well.

  • The managed to make a small adapter plate and mount the tarot between the Y6's layers...


    • From what I can see in the picture, that looks like a 3D printed mount adapter.  Can you share the STL file?

    • It was just a quick "hack print" but here it is anyway...

      Tarot mount.stl
  • 3D Robotics

    Yes it does with some hold-drilling, but the revised version that will be released in mid-Jan will have the Tarot gimbal as an option and will have the plates and holes pre-configured for gimbals. 

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