Switching from Y6A to Y6B, Using Apm Planner Need Help

Hello Folks,

Just switched over all my motor rotations and esc locations on the pdb for the Y6B config,

Now my question is in APM planner on OS X all I can see if the one Y6 frame type but showing the Y6A config with the rotation flip no the rear motors. What would be the correct frame type setting?

And finally upon installing the new frame type, I should only require to do re-calibrations and then done or is there any "special" adjustment or setting changes for the Y6B that I would not normally have done for the Y6A?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Which firmware version are you using? 

    I'll let others help out with the frame setting issues because I'm not yet familiar with the latest software/firmware and it seems there's an issue with APM Planner depending on the FC firmware version. Don't quote me on that.

    Anyway, I'd use the 3DR Y6B RTF parameters EXCEPT to zero the x and y trim settings in MP (or Planner in your case). This plagued me when first trying to get the 3DR Y6 off the ground; it kept pulling to the right and rolled.  Now I notice there's even more trim added on the default settings, so before my new Y6 goes up, I zeroed the trim.

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