Weight, Flight Times, Set-ups, Tips

Hello All,

This is a subject that is touched upon over and over and I think it would be helpful if others could upload their Y6 weight, Fully Loaded, Average Flight times, What's been added from stock(Gimbals, Cameras Transmitters) and any Tips they have found for saving weight.

Weight: 2100g

Flight Time: 5-8 minutes on 5000Mah alarm at 10.6v

Payload: Gopro, Gimbal, 400mwTx, OSD, FPV camera.

Weight Savings:Minimized any extra cable and connectors from ESC's and motors. Removed Tx heatsink. 

Minimized tape and wire ties where possible. Replaced front 2 metal frame screws with plastic stand-offs and plastic screws.

p.s. why does any picture I embed here display upside down?

Thank You



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