What should I consider the standard Y6 setup

Hi all,

I am ordering what I need to look at the Y6 propeller setup. I was wondering what people considered the standard Y6 setup. I would like to know:

1. Battery capacity and cell count.

2. Flying weight.

I intended to start with the standard 3dr Y6 RTF setup. Then add 500g as the fully loaded version (I am not sure about that number)

Any thoughts?

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  • I have a related q that maybe someone can help with: I want to build a 3dr Y6, but I'd like to get some more flight time out of one (20 minutes is my goal, with gopro+fpv and gimbal).

    So, questions! 

    1) What's the maximum prop size that will fit on one with the stock arms?

    2) Has anyone used lower kv motors with larger props to get more efficiency/ flight time? I'm somewhat new to multicopters, but from what I can tell, lower kv motors + bigger props + light weight is the way to go for longer flight times.

    If someone happens to have experience with this, would you mind sharing motor/esc/prop info?


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    Hey Leonard - My normal flying battery is a 3S 5000mah.  Flying weight is approx 2kgs (1954g to be exact).

  • 2. Flying weight.

    I would (optionally) add the following to the "standard 3DR RTF Y6":

    • 3DR FPV/OSD kit (if not already included): approx. 125 - 130g including the 900mAh 3S LiPo
    • GoPro (or similar): approx. 175 - 180g with waterproof housing and matching mount(GoPro Hero 3 Black)

    1. Battery capacity and cell count.

    In my opinion, the 4200mAh LiPos (295 - 300 g) that came with the kit are a too weak. I plan testing something like a 6000 or even 8000 mAh one (but of course, that will add some weight).

    Don't really know about the 3S vs. 4S disussion...

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