Y6 Payload Capacity

We are considering using the Y6 for a science project but need to know the payload capacity first. We used the QAV500 in a previous project and were carrying a 1.1lb payload; we are hoping for closer to 2lbs with the Y6.

Thanks for any input you can give.


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    • Well, if you run 6 motors instead of 4, off the same amount of power (battery), then you are going to lift the same weight for the same amount of time, or more weight for less time.  The battery and total weight are the main factors there.  The other trade-off you can make is trading performance for longevity.  That is, if you build something with longer props (like 12-13's) you would have longer flight times due to the prop efficiency, but you would likely give up a little acceleration.    Those are really broad assumptions.  To do what  you want doesn't necessarily happen by adding more motors, unless you are adding more of the same motor.  

      Now, I don't doubt the frame can handle bigger motors and such, so getting a Y6 or X8 frame and installing ESC's, props and motors that can handle your task should be doable.  Forget your dinky battery.

      If they built the Y6 for your mission, it wouldn't do my mission very well, which is to carry a gopro on a gimbal and get good photos.  

  • Hi there Elvis

    That's a loaded question and we might need a little more information before working out your MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight).  For example; what batteries, motors and props are you using?  What is the shortest flight time that is acceptable to you?

    As an example, Out of the box RTF 2014 Y6 from 3DR payload capacity is 600g (thats using the standard battery pack and no accessories), but we don't put more than 350g under them as the flight time drops below 5 mins.

    The 3DR Y6 can be configured with different motors, props, battery packs etc to increase the flight time and MTOW

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