Dear Y6 Owners and other DIYDroners,

I am looking for some help.

Ever since installing 3.2 on my Y6B I have had intermittent failure of motor No.6.  Always no .6

Ah, "It has to be an ESC or Motor" I hear you all say, I thought that as well.  Here is what I have tried so far and I am getting boarded and would like to get it back in the air and get on with other things.

1: Replaced 3DR ESC with a completely new 3DR ESC.  No change, motor will run up fine and then lose sync.

2: Replaced Motor No.6 with a completely new motor, including all wires.  No change.

3.Swapped ESC/motor No.5 for ESC/Motor No.6 to see if the problem would move.  No change, still Motor no.6 faulting intermittently.

4: Just for laughs and because it was the only thing I could see that was physically different on RC Out 6 I moved the Ground/Power connected to a different port.  No change, as expected although the problem did get a little less frequent at first.

5: Replaced Pixhawk board for a brand new one from 3DR.  It seemed better at first but alas, it was not to be.   I guess that is the problem when you don't know what is happening and can't actively cause the issue.

So I have replaced or swapped everything except the power distribution board which I have check for dry joints, continuity and measured resistance to confirm that all connections are good, solid and working correctly.  So I doubt it is the power distro board.

6: Reverted to 3.1.5 and all seems fine.  Back to 3.2 and it did it again.

7: Raised THR_MIN as I also noticed that after running motors for a while and closing throttle then some motors would stop.  This does not happen on 3.1.5.  All motors Idle fine but the Motor No.6 sync issue has not changed at all.

8: Connected ESC/Motor No.6 directly to Rx. All Good.

Attached is the latest log of the fault happening on the bench, I can't fly as I don't trust it will stay in the air and I won't fly it until I get to the root of the problem. Can anyone help me find the cause.  I have logged a problem with 3DR help but so far no reply.  This is a stock frame and all stock electronics which had been fine on 3.1.5 and I can DEFINATELY say that reverting back fixes this issue.

I am confused as my other machines work just fine with 3.2 and I really, really want to get it working on my Y6B

Can anyone help me with the log below, I see the motor drop and others responded as expected but there is also a very steep RC Out drop on Motor5, RC.3 in is stable and power looks fine to me.

Thank you for your help and I hope that this might go some way to fixing any other sync issues out there. I see there are a couple of post with Hex/Y6 Motor No.6 failures although I find it hard to believe it is a bug as it is not affecting everyone.

Thanks in advance,


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  • For me it was an (intermittent) break in the signal wire between the Pixhawk and the power distribution board on one channel. I now wire all of my ESCs directly to the Pixhawk from the ESCs and bypass the PDB altogether.

    • Hi Brendan,

      I am sure that connecting all of the power wires is OK as the 3DR ESC's have linear BEC circuits but I was wondering if you connected all of the power cables or just one? The PDB connects all of the power together.  As far as I can see it is just a straight connection between all of the ground pins (bottom row) and the same for power pins (middle row).  Signal wires are 1:1 and I cannot fault these through the PDB although once I dug out the hot glue I did notice that a couple of connectors were not all the way home, these had not caused any issues.

  • Is this by chance a 3DR RTF Y6? does it have a 12 V Regulator? I had a similar issue and it turned out the regulator was affecting the motor some how. If it does have a regulator can you try to remove it and try again?

    • Hmm. I have a 12v regulator on this new Y6 (not Y6B); will remove it if sync issues are present on the bench.

      Thanks for bringing that up.

  • Here is the log, problem t about line 24300

    2014-12-12 10-27-09 17 Motor 6 fault bench test.bin

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